Ik wil witte tanden, wat zijn de opties?

I want white teeth, what are the options?

"I want white teeth" this is a thought or statement that you may have thought or heard to yourself, or perhaps this "I would like a shade whiter better". Nowadays there are many options to make your teeth a shade whiter. make, but what options are there?

You can do it from your home or have it done somewhere, we discuss a number of options and prices, and then decide what is the best option for you.

First of all, we discuss the options that are possible when having someone else do it:

At the dentist you can view your teeth, you even have options for what kind of treatment you want to go for. you can choose:


Teeth whitening at the dentist
  • Whitening gel. The dentist applies a whitening gel to your teeth that has to act for a certain amount of time. This can be accelerated with a laser lamp.
  • Plaster cast. The dentist makes a plaster cast of your teeth, then you get a suitable plastic spoon to take home. At home, you fill the spoon with the gel and keep it in your mouth for varying hours. You may start to see results After one to four weeks.
  • Whitening from the inside. If teeth are discolored due to root canal treatment, the dentist can also whiten the affected area from the inside. What then happens is that a paste with bleach is applied to the tooth itself, after which the tooth is closed with a temporary filling. In the following days, the tooth will gradually become lighter and after any after-treatment, the tooth will be closed with a final filling.


Teeth whitening at a salon

  • How do they work?. You can whiten your teeth at a salon where they offer it, you lie in a chair and then they get to work. They often work by applying gel to your teeth and then letting it soak in, after the gel has been applied to your teeth you get a bit in your mouth that emits blue / purple light, which you then keep in your mouth for a few minutes and done you have had a session at the salon.


The options you have if you want to do it at home:

We tell you 2 ways to whiten your teeth easily and reasonably quickly at home.

There are also other methods that yes can do, but in order not to make this blog endlessly long, we would like to tell you that in another blog ;)


*View your chart on phone? Zoom in for a better view*


Whitening strips

Why whitening strips? Yes, there are also other methods that we would like to tell you in another blog, otherwise this one will be very long, why then whitening strips? well because this is so far the most simple way of whitening your teeth, the process is also very simple and we also have tips for you.



  1. Regularly use tandem whitening strips every three months to get a whiter and brighter smile.
  2. To achieve and maintain a better tire bleaching effect, try reducing smoking, drinking coffee, tea, cola or red wine, and eating highly pigmented foods such as cherries and blueberries, etc.
  3. Please complete the course of all strips within two weeks.

We are happy to explain the steps to you

  1. Remove strip from plastic.
  2. Apply the top strip to the upper teeth and repeat this process on the lower teeth.
  3. Leave the strips on for 30 minutes, avoid eating and drinking.
  4. Remove strips, brush off leftover gel and smile ;)

Have you become convinced?

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After reading this blog you may have even more doubts about your choice, such as: what is the safest effective method of teeth whitening? read this blog about it

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white smile? Yes, Please!

(Disclaimer price estimate costs per tooth whitening method are based on the prices known on 3 Feb 2023)

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